International Insurance

Ultra high net worth foreign nationals have unique needs for estate planning and significant amounts of life insurance.  Our firm has created a family office to provide pre-immigration and estate planning services as well as the opportunity to purchase life insurance from the highest rated domestic carriers.  Our operations for this endeavour are based in Taipei, Taiwan

Qualified Retirement Plan Strategies

Professional Financial Services serves the small to medium sized employer qualified retirement plan marketplace since 1968.  We offer customized solutions to employers that meet the objectives of the owners of the adopting companies.

Disability Income and Long Term Care Strategies

Executives must be prepared in the event of a disabling injury or sickness that prevents them from working.  This not only includes product choice, but specific legal documents which must be incoroprated into the minutes of the employer.  For baby-boomers long term care is an issue that must be addressed.  Many have already experienced this with their parents.  There are many attractive proucts coming online that can address this issue in a most cost effective manner.

Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Professional Life Insurance Program